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UPSers is a famous Portal used by UPS Employees. It mainly deals with Package Delivery and Supply Chain Management. It's the best Logistics Company that has many branches. So, Register to access the Employee Portal.

login into UPSers

Now, Sign In through UPSers very easily.

  • Click here or enter the
  • Next, Enter your details.
    1. User-ID : Enter your User name.
    2. Password : enter your Password.
    3. Language : Select your language.
  • After filling, click on Log IN.
  • Finally, Portal will be ready to use.

UPSers Registration

Registration is required to open this Portal. For Registration, follow this guide.

  • Go to
  • Next, select a language.
UPSers Login was achieved.
  • Then, Enter New User-Id and Pin.
  • Next, tap Log In.
  • On, read and accept terms.
  • For security purposes, You need to select challenge questions and answer it.
  • Finally, create a strong Password.

⚠️ When you try Login for first time. The User will be asked to answer a security question. After Signing Up is Completed, You will be directed to the Dashboard.

Create New User Id and Pin

Know how to generate User Id/Password.

  • Visit the
  • Scroll down to find New UserId & Password.
  • Fill all the required details:
    1. I work in.
    2. Employee Type.
    3. Enrollment Date.
    4. Last Name.
    5. Employee Id.
Users Registration
  • After submitting the data, Pin will be displayed as shown above.
  • Save this information which might be useful in the future.

Forgot Password

If you have forgotten Username and Password, don't worry. We can retrieve lost Password.

  • Head towards -
  • select Forgot your Password.
  • Next, submit the User ID in the form.
Login Portal
  • Further, validate your UPSers Account by choosing an option.
    1. Phone Number – get verified through SMS.
    2. Pin via Email - Get OTP to your Registered Mail.
    3. Answer Questions - In Portal, go to edit my profile and submit the answer.
  • Reset Password will be successful in the above ways.
  • Else, Get some Technical Assistance from the Support.

System Requirements to use Gateway

DesktopMobileComputer Operating System
Internet ExplorerGoogle Chrome for Android.A Computer with Internet Connection.
ChromeSafari for IOS.Windows 7 or Higher (i.e, 8, 8.1, or 10).
Microsoft EdgeMozilla FirefoxMac OS X or higher.
FirefoxOpera Mini

⚠️ A Web Browser which is of Beta Version may have some compatible Issues.

UPSers who are Eligible

  • Both Active and Inactive UPS Workers will have access.
  • Employees who stay in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.
  • All Employees having Pension Plan and IGEMS's Id.
  • A Vendor with CRN ID.
  • Before Retirement, UPS Employee can access until June month.


My Account is Temporarily Locked?

Sometimes Homepage may get suspended. Entering the wrong Passwords will turn off access to your Accounts for a short time. Well, Recover your Password happily with these quick steps.

Official URL does not Load / Work?

UPSers is correct. (❌) Upser. Check if you have entered the right page.

How to Contact Customer Support for Help?

Customers can Call (1-888-877-TECH) to get help for Problems/Errors. Team Registers your call and gives clarification soon.

What all can i do?

Paychecks, Troubleshooting, Request or print W-2, Send an eCard, Registering, Peak Season, Timecard.
You can also simply Manage Shipments Online, Track Packages, Payroll, Payslip information, Taxes, Gross Income, Address, Direct deposit, Address, Mobile number & Shipping Tracking.

Availability of Customer Service.

Service is available 24x7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

Is there any App for Cell Phones?

App is not yet released on both Google and Apple App store. Luckily, UPS Corporation do have UPS Mobile application for Shipments and cargo tracking.

What are the UPS subsidiaries?

It has many solid affiliates. The UPS Flight Forward, UPS Freight, UPS Airlines & UPS Capital are important among them.

Do UPS have Competitors?

FedEx, USPS, DHL, and Amazon are the greatest competitors.

UPSers Portal has many Special Benefits:

An Employee can get many benefits/discounts using the Enterprise. Multiple Benefit including:

  • Corporate Information: All Employees can get Firm involved info. Plus, Get the Business relevant updates.
  • Holidays and the Permissions: Management of permits, leaves, and vacations.
  • Interaction: Employees and Managers can talk to HR on the project.
  • Records - An Employee can get all the Private Documents like Contracts, Payrolls, and Certificates.
  • Training : Company employees can join a course.
  • Refund : Employees can claim their Expenses to get a Refund.
  • Free Channels between foreign Employees and department HR.
  • Time Management - You can control Work Schedules and Tasks.
  • Signature: A Digital Format for Quick works.
  • Positions: know the level of Employee and high officials.
  • Reports: Get to know your performance and activity.
  • UPS Store location: You can find nearby stores.

Apply for Job

UPSers does belong to the United Parcel Service widely know for Transportation. UPS Logistics is giving many Employee Benefits to their Drivers as well that include Health Benefits, Life Insurance, and Healthcare. Career looks bright in this enterprise. These Jobs cover Logistics Management, Package moving, and filling the Trucks. The Organization uses large Trucks to deliver all the Parcels from Warehouse. Here’s how to apply for an interview for employment.

  • Type
  • Look for the Jobs/Careers.
  • Select the Type of Job which best suits you (Part-Time or Full-Time).
Signed In to Apply for new Jobs favorably.
  • Select your desired location (City, State, and Country).
  • Wages will be given based on their performance.

Also, UPSers can try to earn and learn through Benefits Program provided by the Company. These Jobs pay excellent Salaries with added Retirement Benefits and Medical Benefits even after Retirement. All qualified candidates will get compensation up to $25,000 as a scholarship.

People also Ask:

1. What service can a member have contract with?

On the low-cost messaging, you can hire standard services.

2. How to know the Delivery time?

It depends on the type of shipping. Users can subscribe to alerts for more information.

3. How far in Advance do I request my Shipment?

You must meet the following deadlines:

  • Capital pick-up: They can be carried out on the same business day on which you request it (Monday to Friday). As long as, it has been activated before 1:00 p.m. And, you have confirmed receipt.
  • Collected in population: They must be activated. At least, one business day in advance, before 5:00 p.m. and you must confirm receipt of the label that same afternoon, before 8:00 p.m.

4. What about the billing sent by Courier?

When the order has been activated, the sender will receive an Invoice/Slip in their email. It is essential that you answer that same e-mail, confirming receipt and printing of it. Next, paste the bill on the box so that it is located at all times.

5. How many collections and attempts of delivery are made along with/without the price?

The price of the service includes 3 collections. It is very important that you do not exhaust them. Charges apply for Transport.

6. Can I track my Shipment?

Yes, once it has been collected, through the website. Enter the Tracking Number that appears on the label that has received the origin and that is affixed to the bundle.

7. What to do when you receive different item?

Within 24 hours of time, send the following documents:

  • Photograph of the damaged piece.
  • Print the Invoice of goods.
  • Keep the object and handbill as it is.
  • For helping you, UPS Company may send a person to check it.

Insurance is evaluated and decided by the Transport company.

8. What items are restricted?

  • furniture
  • appliances
  • Read their Manual for more guidelines.

About UPS Organisation

FounderJames E. Casey
IndustryCourier Services
HeadquartersSandy Springs, Georgia, U.S.

Now, UPSers use it fluently. Sign-IN and maintain your Account effortlessly using this Portal.

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